“Keep That Negativity To Yourself”

Handling Natural Hair Negativity

So we all know that there are those natural hair “haters” out there that feel our hair cannot compete with the real world and reality itself. Why? We have no idea!

But when they start to speak on it how do you as a Modern Day Natural respond?


“Over 10 years ago I did the big chop and I had a few comments about it…which some were just harmless…but at that time there wasn’t a lot of natural hair motivational blogs and inspirations like there are now…so after a few weeks I decided to do a texturizer and then eventually went back to the “creamy crack.” So I let the negativity get to me. I felt there was no way to defend my natural hair.

Now being almost two years natural I look back and think if that was today I could easily respond back…in a nice way and still feel confident as ever. All they needed was a little educating.” -Kelli Morales of MDN Hair Magazine


1) You can ignore it if you like. If your one to get emotional about your looks and in any situation you may want to just ignore. There is no reason to get mad because you KNOW that you are beautiful the way God made you! Just respect their opinion.

Your SUPERnatural!

2) Ask them why they feel that way. Spark up a conversation and once they are done explaining why they feel that certain way about natural hair…state your claim and let them know why you KNOW that your natural hair is perfect for you!

3) Joke about it. Have a little fun with it.. Example: Let them know..”Oh..you should try my style sometime… I tried yours but it just didn’t work for me.” 🙂


4) Direct them to a natural hair website community: Modern Day Naturals Hair Magazine is perfect!! 😉 wink…wink 😉 Let them see the beauty in all natural hairstyles for themselves and why you choose  to show your beauty the natural way!

There are so many ways to let others know about natural hair and why it is the best and healthiest way to take care of your hair and bring out the natural beauty in yourself!

They just need a little educating..thats all!



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