MDN Kids


Hairstyle and Photography by: Sherrie Spratt
Model: Jayla Spratt

Natural All Her Life


  1. First wet hair and then apply “Indian Aztec Clay”mixture to the hair
  2. See products for mixture and how to apply
  3. Wash out the clay until all gone and then condition with the product you use for your conditioner
  4. Towel dry hair and then apply your moisturizer and/or oils
  5. Part hair to your desired side
  6. Pull apart a small section of the hair, apply small amount of gel (I used flaxseed gel, you can use your gel)
  7. Comb to untangle and began to twist from roots to end
  8. Continue the same process until all the hair is twisted up
  9. Let air dry
  10. When dry untwist all the hair and pull apart the each until hair is nice and full
  11. Pull the side of back midway and place a hair comb or hair pins in to hold
  12. Accessorize if desired


Natural Styles

Instruction for style by: Roshawnda Barlow

Used Nupur with a little bit of Terresentials Mud Wash. I put about 4 tbsp of Nupur in glass bowl. Then I mixed about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of boiling hot water in bowl along with about a tsp of coconut oil (add more oil if desired….hot water dissoloves coconut oil…can also use virgin Olive Oil). I then added a 2 tsp of terresentials but if neccessary since Nupur has Shikakai- which adds shine, Aloe Vera- which moisturizes hair, methi- which conditions and shines, bhringraj- which makes hair luxuriant, amla- which darkens hair color,  adds shine, neem- which fights scalp infection and prevents dandruff, hibibcuscwhich rejuvenates hair, and jatamansi which prevents graying of hair.  Let mixture sit for 3 hours. Then apply to sectioned hair (my daughter has alot of hair so I sectioned in 8 sections). I applied mixture starting with roots and worked down to the ends, let sit on hair  under plastic cap for about  3 hours. Then I thoroughly rinsed out ( may add deep condtioner treatment or hot oil treatment at this point if desired, up to you).  After rinse, I applied olive oil whipped with shea butter to scalp and to roots, then I add ( this is optional) “Lets Jam Custard” for hold….very light hold). Then I     corn-rolled or french braided to back in about 8 braids/cornrolls. Let hair thoroughly dry and then take down and style.

For overnight hair management: place satin cap bonnet over hair. Refresh, in morning, with a little  bit of oil (whatever you choose) and spritz with water (do not oversaturate hair, just spritz) can also add oil (by placing oil in palm and rubbing then add too tip of hair).


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